ADA Compliant Walk-In Bathtubs

You deserve to bathe safely and comfortably regardless of your physical limitations. At Independent Home by Bathdeluxx, we provide

ADA Compliant Walk in Bathtubs

ADA compliant walk-in bathtubs and accessibility solutions for seniors and individuals with physical disabilities. Our bathroom solutions are designed to allow you to enjoy a safe, comfortable bathing experience and increased independence for a better quality of life. And our innovative safety and accessibility products provide you with the right support, seating, and access for your individual needs.


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Putting Customers First

Independent Home by Bathdeluxx is committed to providing the very best products and service. From consultation to installation, we’ll do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction as our valued customer.

Gain the freedom and independence you deserve with an ADA compliant walk-in bathtub. Eliminate the barriers and safety hazards in your bathroom while adding comfort and convenience. Our ADA compliant walk-in bathtubs make it easy for you to enjoy a better bathing experience with or without the help of a caregiver.

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