The “Luino” model gives you two tubs in one: At its wider end, the popular “egg shape” provides excellent sitting comfort, while the opposite narrow end with its well-shaped sloping back is ideal for immersing and relaxing.


  • Length: 169 cm (66 ½”)
  • Width: Width 85 cm (33 ½”)
  • Height: Height 54 cm (21 ½”)
  • Weight:166 kg (366 lbs)

  • Including free 'push-click-drain'
  • Including free cleaning/maintenance set



Enjoy the comforting illusion of a beach vacation with individual luxury with our White Collection. Our bathtubs are created using the latest production technology and the sensationally natural material is individually hand-finished for you. The result is pure perfection in visual appearance and detail. It also brings you limitless bathing experiences for magical energy-filled moments.

Bathtubs made from quality Preziosa™ mineral cast are not only a pleasure to the senses, but the look and feel resembles high-quality materials such as ebony and marble. Its properties outperform them by far. In any type of finish, its attractive white sheen adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. It always remains intact as the surface is so easy to clean.

Freestanding tubs made of Preziosa™ are an eye-catcher with particularly harmonious forms because they are made from a single cast. The heat-retaining smooth material is also soft to the touch and adding a further factor to an all-round pleasant bathing experience.