Mineral cast

stands for an artificial stone that is made into our exclusive and self-invented Preziosa™, a composite material consisting of finely ground stone and resin. The stone-rich alternative to both cast-iron and acrylic, is made in a single piece, hand-finished and packed with naturally desirable properties:

Warm – due to the quality of Preziosa™ it has highly insulated properties and is warm to the touch.

Beautiful – Preziosa™ mineral cast delivers a naturally white, glossy or matt finish, with excellent stain resistance.

Strong – Preziosa™ is made from natural stone that is crushed and mixed with resins. After undergoing superheating, it bonds together and creates an incredibly strong composite. As well as being naturally white and naturally harder than acrylic, Preziosa™ mineral cast is incredibly strong and prevents the bath from creaking or flexing.

Renewable – Preziosa™ mineral cast is solid all the way through, internal scratches simply polish off

Practical – the material is drillable for customized faucet location

Unique – Preziosa™ can also be custom-ordered in black- as well as being painted or personalized after purchase

Durable – Preziosa™ mineral cast bathtubs come with a 20-year warranty.