The finest form of bathing

Each of our freestanding bathtubs are crafted from a unique material we call Preziosa ™, a composite material consisting of finely ground stone and resin. Unlike solid stone or cast iron, Preziosa™ feels warm to the touch and offers exceptional heat insulation and scratch resistant properties. The White Collection combines the comforting illusion of a beach vacation with individual luxury. The sensationally natural material is created using the latest production technology and individually hand-finished for you. This not only gives rise to pure perfection in visual appearance and detail but also brings you limitless bathing experiences for magical energy-filled moments.

Hormonious combination
In keeping with your new bathtub

the right wash basins
from the White Collection

Transform the most intimate
room of your house

into a real temple of
invigoration and well-being

Bathtubes made from quality Preziosa mineral cast are a pleasure to the senses

Pure luxury ist he motto as Italien flair
comes to your bathroom